Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Holy Tick!

 I love summer! But I HATE the bugs. Every creepy crawly biting stinging annoying thing known to man comes out this time of the year. Here's how my past few days went:

Friday: Hmmmm, Finn man, I think you might have a tick (as I examine the lump on Mr. Man's chest). I then proceed to use my t-shirt to remove said tick. But some of said tick remains in Finn's skin. Uh-oh. So I hose the wound, and glop some antibiotic ointment on it. Hopefully it will look better tomorrow.

Saturday: The lump is still there, but it looks a bit better. More ointment.

Sunday: The lump is crusted over with dried blood and (warning! this gets pretty gross) pus and looks much worse. Great, it's definitely infected. I wash the wound again, apply more ointment, and decide to call Dr. S tomorrow morning. I pull ANOTHER tick off Finn's neck (properly, with tweezers).

Monday: Dr. S calls me back and explains that Finn needs a topical antibiotic and should probably take a 7-day course of oral antibiotics as an added precaution. I drive 45 minutes to the clinic to pick up the meds and drive another 30 minutes to the farm to doctor my poor boy. I immediately clean the wound with warm water and a mild soap, allow it to dry, and apply the topical antibiotic. Finn just stood there- what a trooper! As a reward, he got a second small dinner (laced with antibiotic power ;-) .

Cross your fingers- hopefully it will be better when I go out to check on him tonight!