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Being a first time horse owner is challenging! There is so much to learn and you want to make sure your horse gets the very best of care. Plus, it really does make a difference in your riding when you have the proper gear. Thankfully I'm picking up all sorts of tips and tricks from my trainers and fellow boarders.

Kerrits Performance Riding Tights

I had always been curious about the Kerrits line. They felt so light and soft to the touch on the rack, but they were just too pricey to justify purchasing. I have a hard time paying more than $30 for schooling breeches. This year during the Dover tent sale, these went on sale, and the kids sizes were even cheaper (I'm usually too short for adult sizes). So I bought a pair in plum. These are amazing! They fit great, are super soft and breathable, wash well, and look enough like work out leggings just in case you want to meet up with friends for a pint after your ride and don't have time to change. At this point, I can't comment on their durability, but I'll definitely buy another pair when they go on sale!

Atlanta summers are HOT and HUMID, and rain rot germies love this kind of weather. Muck Itch is made from a combination of organic essential oils. It smells great, works VERY quickly, is painless, and encourages hair growth. When Kwik arrived at the farm, his hiny was covered in rain rot, and he had lost all of his hair back there. It was disgusting (an painful) to say the least. H recommended using a combination of Muck Itch and Tuttles (below) daily. After a couple of days, there was noticeable improvement, and after two weeks the infection was cleared up and all of his hair had grown back! Hopefully I won't have to deal with rain rot again, but if I do, I'll be using Muck Itch. Downside: spray is oil based so the sprayer gets clogged frequently. It's annoying, but the results are worth dealing.

Tuttles is a veterinary liniment concentrate used to stimulate circulation and relieve soreness after strenuous workouts. It is also labeled for use on cuts, sprains, bruises, and to relieve itching on skin, manes, and tails. H recommended it, along with Muck Itch, to clear up Kwik's rain rot butt and help with any related tenderness. Tuttles is inexpensive and lasts forever. Downside: It smells awful and is hard to find. I couldn't find it at any of my local stores and had to order online.

 dac Oil is a blend of vegetable, flaxseed, and fish oils that has a 98% fat content, contains vitamin E, and is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. I noticed a difference in Kwik's condition after only a couple of weeks on this supplement. He started to put on weight, and his coat was soft, shiny, and all signs of our battle with rain rot were gone. It is a little pricey to use as a weight gain supplement, so I am currently feeding 4 ounces daily. I may bump him up until I get him looking the way I want, and then back him down to a maintenance dose.

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