Saturday, September 14, 2013

No Stiches, No Shoes, No Stall Rest

Long time, no post!

Kwik had his sutures removed at the end of August and that meant NO MORE STALL REST!!! I honestly thought two weeks of stall rest would drive him absolutely bananas, but he handled it pretty well. The first couple of days he seemed on edge during the hand walks, but he figured out the new routine quickly and settled in just fine. I decided to put him on Ulcerguard to protect his tummy throughout his bute regimen, and (knock on wood) he didn't have any problems. He was also due for new shoes and my vet and farrier decided the best thing to do would be to pull his shoes and allow him to go barefoot during his layup. He's doing quite well without shoes, and the extra week of stall rest gave him some time to adjust before turnout. After two weeks of turnout in our small medical paddock, he will go back out in his pasture with Sky tonight. Hopefully any residual foot soreness with deter him from running around like an idiot!

I've definitely been a busy lady in the meantime. Adam and I joined three friends for a backpacking trip on Cumberland Island, GA. It was my very first backpacking trip, and it was amazing! We hiked 4 miles to a back country campsite the first day and spent the afternoon on the most incredible, pristine beach. The next day we hiked 4.5 miles to Plum Orchard Mansion, built by the Carnegie family circa 1900. The mansion was absolutely incredible- it even had an indoor heated swimming pool! After picnicking on the side porch of Plum Orchard we hiked 6.5 miles to the island's Sea Camp. The next morning we hiked up to the Dungeness Ruins to catch a glimpse of the island's main attraction- wild horses!! They weren't phased in the least by our presence, and I was able to get close enough to snap some great pictures!

On the boat in St. Mary's- we're ready for our adventure!

Beautiful salt marshes

Horseshoe crabs

Reindeer moss

Plum Orchard Mansion

Indoor heated swimming pool

Dungeness Ruins

Curious stallion!

Spanish moss everywhere- beautiful!